Consulting buzzwords: a puzzle for the unbelievably bored employee

I think mentioning “consulting buzzwords” is already causing major eye rolls. But you should stay. I had a funny realization about the slight shudder that runs down the back of people when they hear “consultants”. It’s hilarious really. The purpose of writing this came from a “disclaimer” I made when Read More

Economic complexity and what you need to know about the Challenge – and Secret – to Economic Growth in Ghana

Disclaimer: This is a major benefit of having your own corner. I wrote the below piece in 2019. After some feedback, I shelved it. Why? Because some of the ideas “seemed too complex.” Funny that I am talking about economic complexity. But maybe it is. The idea of economic complexity Read More

4 Weird but Interesting Ideas about Fostering Growth: What I learnt from reading a report backwards

That wasn’t a trick title; I literally read a report backwards – by accident of course. I like to think that’s what happens when you are really excited… . Excited to explore moments when international development and the private sector collide; I go nuts over things like that. The funny Read More